Trenchless CIPP Pipe Restoration

We are the nation’s premier pipe lining company that performs pipe relining but also boasts multiple trenchless pipe restoration systems including CIPP (cured in place pipe), pipe bursting, slip lining and epoxy pipelining.

A Trenchless Solution For Every Pipe

We install cured in place (CIPP) pipe lining in high rise vertical sewer pipes and rain drains, underground cast iron and clay sewer pipes, cooling tower or chiller pipes. For aging culvert pipes or storm drains we install thermo-formed pipe lining and for fire suppression sprinkler pipes and potable water pipes we use epoxy pipe lining which seals all leaks and prevents future deterioration.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Avoids Excavation!

Every property owner or municipality is eventually confronted with the decision to replace or restore their plumbing systems. The real cost of pipe replacement includes not just materials and labor, but the price of pipeline downtime, bypass pumping, alternate lodgings for property inhabitants, cleanup after excavation and subjective matters like unsanitary conditions during sewer pipe excavation, relocation headaches, and time taken to complete pipe replacement.

Trenchless Pipelining Is Faster, Cleaner & Less Expensive

With trenchless pipe lining high rise tenants can stay inside their apartments, offices can continue operating, 24-hour manufacturing facilities can schedule brief downtimes, residents in homes do not need to move out, and there is no cleanup after the pipe relining. The pipe rehabilitation takes hours not weeks, and costs a fraction of the cost of pipe replacement.

Pipe Lining Materials Developed To Last Decades

Some of our pipe lining materials have an engineered life of 100 years! Depending on the type of pipe being restored, the pipe lining materials are approved by the EPA, The National Sanitary Foundation and a host of other regulatory bodies. These establishments require that the manufacturers have their pipe lining materials tested by an unbiased engineering firm to verify that quality standards are maintained. So our warranties are up to 50 years in length.

What Types Of Pipes Can Be Rehabilitated

Just about any type of pipes, including galvanized, cast iron, ductile, vitrified clay, and orangeburg pipes can be rehabilitated. In some instances cured-in-place pipe lining could be used, in other instances a sprayed-on epoxy coating is employed, in other cases pipe bursting or slip lining may be used.

Residential, Industrial & Commercial Pipe Rehabilitation

We employ cured-in-place pipe lining, epoxy pipe lining, pipe bursting and slip lining routinely to rehabilitate the potable and waste pipes of homes, production facilities and businesses. Our scheduling ensures the least amount of costly downtime and inconvenience to homeowners and business owners.

One Company – Various Pipe Lining Choices

Contrary To other trenchless pipe lining businesses, Trenchless Pipe Lining makes use of all types of pipe rehabilitation technologies, including cured-in-place pipe, slip lining, pipe bursting and epoxy pipe lining for large and small diameter pipes.

Almost all pipe lining companies specialize in only one type of pipe lining due to the expense of paying for the patented technology and maintaining an experienced crew for installation. But we have invested considerable amounts of time and capital to be able to deliver drinking water pipe lining, storm drain pipe rehabilitation, water main pipe restoration and sewer pipelining.