Storm Drains Collapsing?

Corrugated storm drains eventually corrode and concrete storm drains crack and collapse over time. The end result is the same – sand infiltration, erosion and ultimate settlement or sinkhole formation. This endangers buildings, roads, homes and other structures. Of course, ordinary storm flow is interrupted which causes flooding.

Your storm line may very well flow excellent, and still be full of roots. Eventually, the pressure of the roots collapses the line. This can happen even with a good flow – thick strong roots stuck in the line can allow water to flow, but eventually will crack the lines.

If you have any trees within 500 ft, there is an excellent possibility you may have roots growing in your storm line. Roots get in the lines through hairline cracks in the joints of your drain tile.  If the roots are not cut out, eventually they grow to the point where they block (and can potentially collapse) your drain line. If the line collapses you can be looking at several thousand dollars to replace it. The several thousand dollars to replace the line is not the worst aspect – seeing your landscaping ripped out to put in new drain line, is very upsetting.