Pipe Laser Profiling

We combine pipe laser profiling service with our sophisticated CCTV cameras to provide our customer with the ability to determine internal pipeline conditions before, during, or after rehabilitation. A pipe laser profiling service attaches a laser profiler to the CCTV camera to collect survey data.

Certified operators analyze the survey date and generate pipeline profiling reports. Precise measurements can be taken from a single frame captured from the prerecorded or live video.

Pipe Laser Profiling Service Reports can capture:

  • Pipe size
  • Size of laterals
  • Water levels
  • Holes
  • Off-set joints
  • Ovality
  • Capacity

Here’s How Pipe Our Laser Profiling Service Works:

  • A ring of laser light is projected onto the internal pipe surface
  • Laser image is in the field of view of the camera while the camera moves through the pipe
  • Analysis is performed on the ring of light using the Laser Profiler software to build a digital pipe profile
  • For use with live or pre-recorded or live video