Ground Settlement From Culvert Sand Infiltration?

Corrugated steel culvert pipe (CSCP) has been widely used in the US  for many years, both along side and under roadways. Most CSCP that has been in place for 30 or more years has become deteriorated, especially at the inverts. If this deterioration is not addressed within the next several years, many areas will exhibit soil transfer from under the pipe resulting in erosion and/or collapse.

A pipe collapse may result in the above roadway settling, or itself collapsing, which would prove very costly in terms of traffic delays and roadway repair. A plan will be developed for implementing an effective, statewide, preventative maintenance program for CSCP so that pipe can be repaired and rehabilitated before failure occurs. Also, the best practice for using CSCP in new construction will be determined. Where it should not be used, another type of pipe will be recommended.