Drain Plumbing Video Inspection Service West Palm Beach

Do you need drain pipe video inspection?

Cast Iron Drain Pipe Video Inspection West Palm Beach

Cast Iron Drain Pipe Video Inspection West Palm Beach

So perhaps you have repeated backups in your pipes under your house or the plumber has diagnosed that the outside pipe leading from your house to the street sewer main line is in bad shape, but you don’t know where the problem is?

Well the only way to know where the problem is and therefore how to fix it and how much it will cost, is to have your drains video inspected by a sewer camera.

What should you look for when requesting a sewer pipe video?

Most people don’t have to get the service done very often but when they do there are several traps that they will be subject to:

  1. not obtaining a copy of the record a video before the plumbing video inspector leaves – it is a common trap for the plumber to leave with the video just to promise to mail a copy to the property owner, and after weeks of waiting and multiple requests the video never arrives. This prevents the homeowner from getting other professional opinions about the diagnosis of the plumbing underground. And in return this empowers the original plumbing video inspector for you to accept their diagnosis of the underground problems.
  2. the plumbing video inspector diagnoses the problems incorrectly – the most common error, and this is inadvertent most of the time, is that the person performing the video inspection misdiagnosis the drain pipe as having a dip or a belly. The reason they misdiagnose that is because the video camera head has a lens which is only about a quarter of an inch above the surface of the pipe. If there is any debris in the pipe causing a damming effect of the water, or if its cast iron pipe and the floor is rusted away and the sand beneath it containins a puddle of water, then it will appear on the video monitor that the camera has dipped into a depression of the pipe. The plumber will then recommend digging up that part of the building in order order to replace that part of the pipe, and that is usually incorrect. Once you clean the pipe and remove the water you will clearly see that the bottom of the cast iron pipe is missing creating a puddle where water can accumulate, and since there is no more debris inside the drain after cleaning, the water cannot accumulate and the belly seems to disappear.
  3. the homeowner is told that the pipes have to be cleaned properly by hydro jetting before the video inspection can be performed – usually this is incorrect and it is merely a way for the plumbing video inspector to charge for hydro jetting pipe cleaning which can add $1,000 to the sewer pipe video inspection. Usually by running the camera through the pipe the camera will dislodge the debris and will allow flow to resume and the water level to sink to a lower to the point where the camera can see what the problem is . So don’t be fooled into this additional service.
  4. the property owner is told that the only way to fix the underground plumbing is to excavate through the floors of the building or through the landscaping – this is the old way to replace plumbing and traditional plumbers charge a fortune for the service. They have to come into your house or building and dig up all the concrete and then trench 3 feet down in a 3 foot wide hole for maybe 110 feet for your average 3 bed / and 2 bath house so that they can cut out the plumbing and replace it with new PVC and then put back the soil and concrete with new rebar and structural support. This typically takes around three to four weeks during which the property owners have to stay in hotels and they have to move the furniture out of the property into storage and put their pets into storage, and generally they have to do to the clean up after moving back in themselves. The average price to replace the plumbing in a 2,000 square foot house is about $30,000 before the cost of the floor surface restoration. There is however a modern alternative to underground pipe replacement that most properties do not know about called “trenchless pipe lining”, or “cured in place pipe lining”.

What is trenchless pipe lining?

This technology has been around for about 15 years at it involves installing a new inner pipe lining that is hard and through heat to form a new pipe that does not require the old pipe for structural support. The technology is therefore also called cured in place pipe lining and it requires no excavation of the floor surfaces and takes a mere hours to install as opposed two weeks for traditional pipe replacement and surface repair.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Restores All Pipes For 100 Years

Trenchless Pipe Lining Restores All Pipes For 100 Years

The technology usually involves a long fabric sock made of polyester which is saturated with an epoxy resin which is hard and through an exothermic reaction or by the application of steam.

Would you like to learn more about residential pipe lining installation or commercial high rise pipe lining?

How much should you pay for underground plumbing video inspection in Palm Beach County?

Now admittedly the video inspection cameras cost between $10,000 – $20,000 and they are very expensive to maintain. For example the fiber optic cable that pushes the camera had through the pipe tends to bend and kink or crack the fiber optic fibers inside the cable which destroys the video transmission. In such a case the entire table as to be replaced which costs around $4,000 for a 200′ cable.

So the video inspection can be quite pricey starting around $250 for a simple 30 minutes or $700 for half a day. If hydro jetting is generally required this can add an additional $1,000 to the price.