Chicago Vacuum Truck Sewer Cleaning, Pipeline CCTV Inspection & Pipe Laser Profiling Service Company

Chicago Affordable Vacuum Truck Sewer Cleaning – Pipeline CCTV Inspection – Pipe Laser Profiling Service Company

Our Chicago Situated Professional Vacuum Truck Sewer Cleaning And Pipeline CCTV Inspection Services Is Also A Large Diameter Pipe Laser Profiling Company

Our service cleans and restores large diameter VCP and cast iron sewage pipelines and corrugated drain pipes and culverts in the event they degrade and allow for infiltration and exfiltration with ground settlement and potential pipe breaks and backups. Our vacuum truck company has large capacity vehicles that quickly thoroughly clean backed up sewer lines and culverts and our pipeline CCTV inspection equipment is cutting edge. We merge pipe laser profiling with our superior CCTV pipeline inspection cameras to provide our customer with the ability to determine internal pipeline variables after rehabilitation. Our landfill leachate management department cleans and inspects the pipelines that collect deadly landfill leachate. If the landfill leachate were to escape the pipes then may possibly end up in ourMiamigroundwater.

More About Our Pipeline CCTV Inspection Service

Our pipeline CCTV inspection is recorded on a DVD for easy overview and assessment. The pipeline CCTV inspections can be carried out in pipe sizes covering anything from 4 inch to 72 inch provided they have had enough vacuum truck sewer cleaning service. All camera operators are NASSCO PACP accredited and use the most up-to-date and most cutting-edge inspection tools to perform Pipeline CCTV inspections and vacuum truck sewer cleaning.

What To Search For Anytime You Are Searching For A Good Vacuum Truck Sewer Cleaning Company

Good vacuum truck service companies will have pipeline CCTV inspection vans there to determine why the pipe line necessitated the vacuum truck service. Our state of the art pipeline CCTV inspection devices we operate is widely recognized as the most technologically state-of-the-art in the industry as we operate both a CUES and AIRES pan and tilt zoom camera with Granite XP and WinCan data collection and management software programs. It quickly discovers whether say a deformed landfill leachate conduit has a separated joint or a crack or ovality etc. Some pipes in Chicago with ovality cannot be rehabilitated by old-fashioned slip lining but rather require CIPP.